Safer window cleaner Ammanford

Safer window cleaning- Unfortunately Ladders are very dangerous if used incorrectly and are the single most highest cause of death and serious injury in the workplace.
Due to the deaths and injury of many window cleaners a new techniques was developed to clean windows safely from ground level.
This method now called water fed pole window cleaning, this uses purified water known as magic water ()zero parts per million) and in this purified state is aggressive in its cleaning, yet kind and leaves no marks as no impurities are left behind.
The purity of the water is zero parts per million that is how far down we filter our water!!!
Water from the tap as you all well know contains many minerals and deposits unlike the water we use which has all the minerals removed such as calcium which is in toothpaste and turns white.
With all these chemicals removed the pure water cleaning removes all dirt and by a good thorough rinsing leaves your windows spotless and sparkling and we clean all the frames too at no extra costs.
With this much safer method of window cleaning we are able to clean windows above conservatories and reach higher than with ladders safely.
Safe window cleaning is a must and we try to stop entirely the use of ladders to clean windows.
We are IOSH managing safely certified and also hold alcumus Safe contractor 
Our window cleaning services don't just stop there we are fully trained in traditional window cleaning to so can easily clean inside windows for you to.
Cleaning inside windows should be booked in advance as inside windows tend to take a lot longer to clean so we really need to allocate the time to clean your windows properly and we never like to rush any window cleaning job.
We offer our safe window cleaning services in Ammanford and all surrounding areas on domestic windows and commercial windows.
Thank you for looking at our safer window cleaning and should you require us to explain in more detail how pure water window cleaning works please just call and ask we can wash away any doubt.
Whats great about pure water window cleaning other than how much safer this window cleaning method is is the fact that even cleaning windows in the rain will make no real difference in how clean your windows will stay now that is magic.
 So for a safer window cleaning service call us on  01269 799910 or call our mobile on 07400663463